Corporate Identity

Corporate identity encompasses everything from the colours you use to your brand logo and the presentation of every piece of printed or electronically created communication your business produces. Every email you send, business card you hand out, letter you write, website or blog that represents your company goes to form your corporate identity. Axon’s design team work to develop a co-ordinated approach to your communication so you can portray a unified identity to your audience that sells your brand, your goals, values and ethos, your strengths and USP, and most importantly your products and services. We make sure that the design of your corporate identity brings this story out in front of your target audience in all its glory.

Columbus Website Design Company's design team has the magic of transforming their creative potential to your brand identity and they achieve the best branding results by fully understanding your business, your market and your customers. We begin the process of crafting a solid corporate identity by knowing what you and your business stands for and how you want to project its corporate identity. We get the complete picture of your needs, requirements and objectives vis-à-vis your corporate identity and design it from the ground up.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that help craft a solid corporate identity. We design:

  • Logos for better brand building
  • Office Stationery like letterheads, business cards and envelopes
  • Marketing collateral like flyers and brochures

Our focus is on creating a corporate identity that is distinct, relevant and credible. This guarantees an identity that works to create a positive reputation for your business and generates the kind of brand awareness that brings with it, improved profitability.

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