Quality Assurance

Quality assurance forms an essential part of every activity performed at Columbus Website Design Company. 

From conception of a project to its delivery, we strictly adhere to industry standards and best practices. We employ technical measures, conduct formal technical reviews, and perform planned software testing as part of our quality policy. 

Software Quality Assurance 

Our SQA (Software Quality Assurance) testing includes scrutiny of formal technical reviews, testing strategies and techniques, procedures for change control, procedures for assuring compliance to standards, measurements, and reporting mechanisms. By timely software reviews, we ensure error negation at the nascent stage. 

Quality Assurance Plan 

A QA plan (governing the QA team and activities performed by the resources involved) is developed at the project-planning phase. 

The plan identifies: 

  • Evaluations to be performed 
  • Audits and Reviews to be conducted 
  • Standards applicable to the project 
  • Procedures for error reporting and tracking 
  • Documents to be produced by the QA team 
  • Amount of Feedback to be provided to software project team 

Quality Assurance teams 

Our quality assurance (QA) team assists the project team to adhere to the quality commitments, perform activities that address quality assurance planning, oversight, record keeping, analysis, and reporting. 

The QA team defines a process for the work to be performed. It reviews the process description for its compliance with organizational policy, internal software standards, externally imposed standards, and other parts of the project plan. It also audits and reviews selected work products and documents, and tracks deviations - in the process or the product - for future references. Deviations encountered are tracked until resolved. 

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